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Onsite Registration

It is an application that can meet all your data needs and can meet all your requests with its user friendly interface and interactive resources. Continuously updated, with open source code to produce solutions for all systems in the industry. Thanks to this application you can manage the registration personnel as you want, and you can offer a fast recording system without waiting for your guests thanks to the minart application, where you can minimize the data acquisition errors and report the accurate data close to 100%.
  • QR Code-Vcard production and reading
  • Suitable for all EAN barcode types
  • Interchangeable and manageable record fields
  • Multiple and single selectable survey fields
  • Easy badge print design
  • Obligatory space restrictions
  • Guest-friendly 2nd Display applications
  • Printed Badge Print
  • Data management via pre-registration or single server *
  • Ability to edit black list, multiple printing restrictions
  • Protection of encrypted data
  • RFID recording, online chip integration
  • User name and password screen
  • Signature printing for user data registration permission
  • Payment received form in paid activities
And hundreds more features

All Barcode Types


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