Onsite Registration

Onsite Registration

It is an application that can meet all your data needs and can meet all your requests with its user friendly interface and interactive resources. Continuously updated, with open source code to produce solutions for all systems in the industry.
Scanning Systems

Scanning Systems

It is an application made with wifi and memory barcode scanner to keep track of the movements of your guest registered in the field by the registration personnel. It provides reporting services such as main entrance, seminar rooms, etc.
Rfid Systems

Rfid Systems

This system used in congresses and meetings, is the type of system where you can monitor and report the movements of your visitors within the area, the duration of the seminar or meeting, the turnstile follow-up or an additional barcode reading.



What is the capacity of the system?
System can work with more than 20 thousand visitors/delegates.
Hall Crowd Control
Makes possible to handle&report huge crowds.
More visuality, More security!
Names or pictures of passing visitors/delegates makes amazing
visuality and more security.

Make easy, enjoyable organizations with Welcome Screen

Get a Advantage !

  • Non-stop passing
  • Entrance & Exit reports
  • Elapsed time reports
  • Hall statistics
  • Also works with turnstiles
  • Welcome screen
  • No extra personal needed, decreasing cost&human mistakes


All about Fsitec

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  • RFID Systems
  • Registration Software
  • Badge & Landyard
  • Online Solutions
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Self Service
  • Raffle Systems
  • etc...

We offer technology service to the world

Why Choose Us?

With the expert staff around the world Fair, Tourism, Management, Production, Health, Food Production, Transport, Accounting, Service, Stock Exchange, Insurance, Finance, Fair Organization sector, the company-specific, easy to use, reliable, flexible, parametric, on a solid foundation seated, meets with rapidly developing software.
Dizayn Software
is an INTEGRATED SOLUTION and SERVICE company in special projects.
Fsitec Software
the highest quality service and customer satisfaction ve as the company policy.

successful events

report success



Developers Strategy
Equipment performance with constantly updated software...
Continue Easily
Continue without stopping with advanced rfid technology...
Not Just Onsite
Do not keep your visitors with our online barcode generator systems...
Manages Crowds
With our self-service systems, dozens of people are able to switch to the system
100% Event Compatibility
Software and equipment suitable for all types of organizations...
Fast and friendly interface
applications that provide int. convenience with our solutions for every language...
As a research and development 
company, we produce technology
and software to the world.
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